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Preparing for the

Future Today

Come visit us in Yeadon, Pennsylvania, and begin their journey today!

Aim Higher for a Brighter Future 

Let CASSE - Center for Academic Support & Student Enrichment help your kids unlock their true academic potential. Join us at our events designed to develop their knowledge and skill set, so they can perform better in school. For more information, contact us in Yeadon, Pennsylvania today.

SAT Prep Course

This course provides students with the necessary practice, thinking strategies, and skills development needed to maximize scores on the math and reading portion of the Scholastic Aptitude Test. They will review the use of various formulas essential to problem-solving and receive information on effective strategies for increasing the likelihood of answering correctly.

Reading Workshop

Our reading workshop comprises of three components that work together, allowing children to learn skills, strategies, and behaviors that will help them grow as readers. This structure supports the child’s reading comprehension by incorporating demonstration, guided practice, and individual practice.

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